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Guidelines from American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

New clinical guidelines for monitoring and antagonism of neuromuscular blockade

ASA’s new guidelines recommend against clinical assessment alone to avoid residual neuromuscular blockade when neuromuscular blocking drugs are administered, and the ASA strongly recommends quantitative monitoring over qualitative assessment to avoid residual neuromuscular blockade.  This is the first time that ASA recommends neuromuscular monitoring.

TetraGraph is a quantitative neuromuscular monitor, based on state-of-the-art EMG technology, supporting neuromuscular blockade management from start to finish.

TetraSens Pediatric

State-of-the-art neuromuscular blockade monitoring for children

Every child deserves a safe anesthesia procedure. TetraSens Pediatric is a sensor array that is designed for the sensitive skin of a child and engineered to deliver the most accurate results, to provide ease of mind and confidence during any surgical procedure in any surgical position.

TetraSens Pediatric has FDA 510k-clearance and is CE marked.

A Swedish medical technology company

Senzime develops, manufactures and markets CE- and FDA-cleared patient monitoring systems. The goal is to help eliminate in-hospital complications, and radically reduce healthcare costs related to surgical and high acuity procedures.

Our vision is a world without anesthesia- and respiratory-related complications.

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