Senzime’s new single-use sensor for children presented together with several studies at an American anesthesia congress

News: Uppsala, on April 4, 2022. Senzime today announces that the recently launched single-use sensor for children, TetraSens Pediatric, received great interest when it was shown at the congress SPA Pediatric Anesthesiology 2022. Several studies were also presented with TetraGraph in pediatric use.

TetraSens Pediatric was approved for commercialization in the European market on March 25. Commercialization in the US is pending approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, following the February submission.

The new sensor is used together with Senzimes neuromuscular monitoring system TetraGraph and specifically designed for ease of use in young children with its flexible material and small embedded electrodes.

Three different studies using TetraGraph on children were also presented at the conference.

Dr Twite from Children’s Hospital Colorado Heart Institute presented “The use of Quantitative Neuromuscular Monitoring to Understand Neuromuscular Blockade, Re-dosing, Reversal and Residual Blockade in Children undergoing Cardiac Catheterization Procedures”. After using the TetraGraph he concludes that improved patient safety, efficacy of drug dosing and decreased costs can be realized with implementing of quantitative neuromuscular monitoring as standard care.

Two other studies came from Nationwide Children’s hospital, were Dr Munch presented the poster “Characteristics of quantitative train-of-four monitoring in children using electromyography” confirming that monitoring children with TetraGraph works well, and Dr Puertas-Ocio study ”Intraoperative pediatric neuromuscular monitoring in laparoscopic (restricted arm access) surgical setting” demonstrating that monitoring with TetraGraph in pediatric patients is feasible in surgical procedures in which the anesthesiologist does not have access to the monitored muscle.

Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime, says: “Our vision is a world without anesthesia-related complications; therefore, it feels especially important that we can offer a sensor and a technology that works in young children.”

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