Senzime signs strategic license and connectivity agreement with Masimo

Press release: Uppsala, June 21, 2022. Senzime today announces that they have signed a license and connectivity agreement with Masimo, a US-headquartered and global leader in patient monitoring solutions. With the agreement a new dedicated module is to be developed and commercialized that directly interfaces Senzime’s TetraGraph® technology with the Masimo Root® patient monitoring hub as well as the Masimo Hospital Automation™ connectivity platform and iSirona™ hub.

Masimo’s versatile, expandable, multi-parameter Root monitoring system is sold worldwide, with a rapidly growing installed base. Root is now the standard of care in many hospitals.

This license and connectivity agreement is a strategic relationship. Senzime will develop and market the TetraGraph® Smart Cable Module that connects directly to Root, as well as to their digital hubs to interface with the hospital clinical information system / electronic health records. The TetraGraph® Smart Cable Module replaces the need for the TetraGraph® monitor.

The parties will collaborate to spread awareness about the TetraGraph Masimo Open Connect® module and the connectivity solutions tied to Hospital Automation and iSirona.

Pia Renaudin, CEO at Senzime, says: "Entering into this agreement with Masimo is a fantastic milestone for Senzime and one of the most important relationships we’ve established so far. Our vision is to make TetraGraph standard of care and this agreement will allow us to rapidly expand our footprint and make our cutting-edge technology available to more customers worldwide.”

The new interface will broaden awareness of the TetraGraph® system, increase the addressable market and reduce cost and complexity for hospitals seeking to integrate a standalone NMT monitor, if they have standardized on the Masimo Root system.
Other expansion modules available for Root from Masimo include SedLine® brain function monitoring, NomoLine® capnography, and O3® regional oximetry. The TetraGraph® NMT smart cable module represents a strategic addition to these monitoring modalities.

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