Senzime presents its EMG-detection algorithm at Euroanesthesia

NEWS: Uppsala December 17, 2021. A study with TetraGraphs EMG-detection algorithm was presented in a poster session at Euroanesthesia 2021, one of the most important and influential annual congresses in anaesthesiology and intensive care.

The ability of a Neuromuscular monitor to display optimal EMG responses depends on the algorithm that selects the most appropriate EMG peak and trough points.

The abstract “Evaluation of an enhanced cloud-based muscle action potential detection algorithm used by an electromyography-based neuromuscular monitor” was presented by Fredrik Norrby, MSc. The conclusion was that the current TetraGraph EMG-detection algorithm improved detection of peaks and troughs of muscle action potentials in 19% of the cases.

Thanks to its sensitivity, TetraGraph's current software can provide excellent measurement data in a wider range of situations, even where it historically has been difficult to monitor.

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