“OnZurf probe” nominated for the Athena Award 2015

Translation of press release published Monday November 2, 2015

Uppsala, November 2, 2015. Senzime’s (publ) OnZurf probe is nominated for Sweden's largest prize for outstanding achievements in clinical research. The Athena Award recognizes research done in collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry, and the research shall be of benefit to patients and healthcare.

OnZurf probe originates from Umeå University where Pernilla Abrahamsson during her research studies discovered that it is possible to measure metabolic changes from the surface of an organ instead of having to puncture it. The discovery means less risk of complications and thus expanded the use of microdialysis technique.

"Healthcare today has great need for easier and faster diagnosis of seriously ill patients to reduce the risk of complications and thus be able to avoid long periods of care and high costs. OnZurf probe creates good conditions for an easier and faster diagnosis, which makes earlier identification of complications such as after an operation possible. This leads to more effective treatment, reduced suffering, increased survival and lower healthcare costs, "says Pernilla Abrahamsson, Product and Business Development Manager at Senzime AB.

The nomination procedure was conducted in two steps. In the first step the jury was given nominations with a brief motivation. In the second step, the jury made a selection of nominees which then submitted a detailed description of their research and results.

Examples of projects that can be awarded is development and improvement of diagnosis, treatment or prevention. It can also involve new methods, technologies and products which improve health care. One requirement is that the research has been done in close collaboration between health care, academia and industry. The award is worth 150,000 SEK and the principals of the price are Vinnova and Dagens Medicin.

For further information, please contact:

Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime AB
Tel: +46 708-16 39 12, email: lena.soderstrom@senzime.com

About Senzime

Senzime develops and markets analytical instruments and related disposable products, enabling automated, continuous monitoring of vital substances including glucose (sugar), in biological fluids. Senzime has two platforms for continuously monitoring glucose and lactate – BioSenz in biotech environment and CliniSenz for continuous patient-monitoring. Via microdialysis in tissue or blood Senzime offers a complete system enabling continuous monitoring which is critical to detect post- surgery complications. The company's share is listed on Aktietorget since 2008. www.senzime.com

About OnZurf

OnZurf, a new generation of microdialysis catheters that allow for organ specific monitoring of, for example, bowel, liver and heart after surgery. Microdialysis is a technology that was originally developed at the Karolinska Institute in the 1970’s and is today validated in over 15,000 scientific studies.

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