Field update following the new guidelines in the UK

News: Uppsala, on 17 June 2021. Senzimes distributor comments on the field development following the new guidelines.

In recent communications information on the new launch of the AAGBI guidelines were referenced. These guidelines state that in the UK and Ireland Quantitative neuromuscular monitoring should be used in all cases when neuromuscular blocking (NMB) drugs are administered. An increasing number of Countries in Europe now have different types of recommendations either through guidelines or evidence-based hospital best practices.

Supporting an already high interest from anesthesiologists our distributor in the UK and Ireland has seen a rapid high demand for evaluations of the TetraGraph, which has actually created a waiting list to trial the TetraGraph.

“Our sales team are proud and excited to take the lead in UK and Ireland to support the AAGBI level one recommendation of having an objective monitor in every operating theatre used on every patient receiving NMBs. Patient complications after anaesthesia remains a frequent issue if a quantitative monitor is not used”, says Shelley Dale, National Sales Manager, Healthcare 21.

From the Field Based Sales Team
Its an exciting time to be in Medtech Sales, the Tetragraph is a great product which customers want to see because of the new guidance and fortunately we are able to access hospitals safely once again and show them how the TetraGraph performs” Scott Clissold, Senior Sales Representative Healthcare 21.

Senzimes distributor in the UK (February 2020) and Ireland (April 2021) is Healthcare 21 – owned by Swedish AddLife since April this year. Healthcare 21 recorded sales of about €171 million last year.

TetraGraph is a unique Quantitative digital system based on electromyography that measures the presence and depth of neuromuscular blockade to enable the doctor to determine the correct drug dosage and assess when the patient is ready to breathe on their own without the risk of complications. Due to its technical versatility, the TetraGraph can be used for all types of surgeries including when the arm needs to be tucked, and in any site since it can follow the patient outside the operating theatre.

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