Strategy and Business Model

Senzime’s business model is based on the sale of monitors to hospitals and clinics and associated disposable sensors, which generate recurring revenue. In some markets, sales are made through an in-house sales organisation, and in other markets through established distributors. Senzime’s focus is now to accelerate the deployment of monitors to hospitals, while training and supporting hospitals in the use of disposable sensors.

Worldwide focus

TetraGraph® is currently available in 29 countries, with the main markets being the US, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.

Sales organization

Senzime has its own direct sales force in the US and Germany. The subsidiaries were set up in the US 2020 and in Germany 2021.


In other European focus markets, agreements are in place with leading distributors in anesthesia. Senzime works very closely with its distributors to achieve the highest possible level of involvement. For particularly important trials, Senzime’s own experts are present to support the distributor on site in the hospitals.

In South Korea, Senzime has a distribution agreement with Unimedics, whose unique complementary portfolio of anesthesia monitors is ideally suited to the promotion of TetraGraph®. From 1 March 2021, the South Korean reimbursement scheme also includes Senzime’s type of disposable sensors (TetraSens®).

In Japan, we have chosen to work with outlicensing, which means that our Japanese partner Fukuda Denshi has access to the TetraGraph® technology to exclusively commercialize the product in the Japanese market.

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