A world without anesthesia-related complications

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Senzime’s vision is a world without anesthesia-related complications, and safe emergence from anesthesia for all patients. Senzime operates on expansive markets worth in excess of SEK 15 billion in Europe and the US alone.


TetraSens Pediatric

Every child deserves a safe anesthesia procedure. The launch of our latest product, TetraSens Pediatric is an important milestone to provide a safe procedure with state-of-the-art neuromuscular blockade management also for the pediatric population.

TetraSens pediatric is a sensor array that is designed for the sensitive skin of a child and engineered to deliver the most accurate results, to provide ease of mind and confidence during any surgical procedure in any surgical position.

TetraSens Pediatric is CE marked and currently pending FDA approval.

A Swedish medical technology company

Senzime develops and markets CE-marked and FDA-approved medical technology systems, powered by unique algorithms and disposable sensors that assess the patient’s muscle function before, during and after anaesthesia.

Our vision is a world without anesthesia-related complications.

CEO Statement

Growth in the first quarter was clear. Total sales growth was 64 percent, with the U.S. accounting for the largest increase, 109 percent year-over-year, and Europe up 36 percent. Sensor sales increased by 44 percent during the quarter compared to the same period in 2021.

Pia Renaudin

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