TetraGraph | Integration to Patient Data Management Systems

Device Connectivity

Get access to gold standard EMG neuromuscular transmission technology through interface with the TetraGraph EMG TOF Monitor.

TetraGraph Xcom - Connectivity to supported external hubs

By using the TetraGraph Xcom cable, the TetraGraph can be connected to any TetraGraph supported external hub (e.g. Capsule Tech) or monitor to transmit and display NMT data.

The cable can also be connected to any TetraGraph supported compatible Electronic Health Record connection hubs.

Philips Interface

TetraGraph Philips Interface enables the transmission of neuromuscular monitoring parameters; TOFC, TOFR, PTC, TOF bars, to Philips patient monitors and TetraGraph readings are displayed on the Philips Intellivue Monitor.

  • TetraGraph´s EMG measurements are displayed on the Philips Intellivue Monitor
  • TOF data from the TetraGraph is treated as other Philip´s data
  • Enables the upload of EMG TOF data to your existing EMR

Supported Philips monitors

  • Philips CME monitor family. Software Release C or higher
  • Philips IntelliVue MP40/50/60/70/80/90/MX400/450/500/550/600/MX700/MX800. Software Revision H15 or higher

Compatible Philips IntelliBridge System

  • PIIC iX IntelliVue Information Center iX (SW version B.0)
  • PIC iX Patient Information Center iX (SW version C.0 or higher)

EC10 module

  • OpenInterface driver version A.6 or higher

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