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Senzime is a Swedish medical device company that develops and markets CE- and FDA-cleared monitoring systems for patients undergoing anesthesia. Senzime’s employees worldwide are committed to the vision of a world without anesthesia related complications. Six out of ten patients that wake up after surgery are not fully muscle recovered and therefor at risk having critical respiratory complications. The TetraGraph system helps anesthesia providers improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs by digitally and continuously measure the degree of neuromuscular blockade under and after surgery. Senzime operates in the worlds leading markets targeting a market opportunity valued in excess of SEK 15 billion per year.

Senzime Strategy

Senzime’s system, called TetraGraph®, digitally and continuously measures the degree of neuromuscular blockade in order to prevent complications. Fewer complications lead to less suffering for patients but also contribute to shorter hospital stays and reduced healthcare costs. Senzime’s vision is for TetraGraph® to be used in every surgery where muscle relaxants are used, for a safe recovery for all patients.

Senzime’s development portfolio also includes innovative, patient-oriented solutions that enable automated and continuous measurement of biological substances such as glucose and lactate in blood and tissue fluids – CliniSenz® Analyzer and OnZurf® Probe.

Senzime operates in a growing global market that is currently valued at over SEK 15 billion annually in Europe and the US alone. 

Today, Senzime has sales in 29 countries, of which the most important markets are the USA, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholms main market (ticker SEZI).

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