Monitoring respiratory volume in non-intubated patients: Why and how?

In this webinar, recorded March 28, 2023, you will learn about the importance of monitoring respiratory volume in non-intubated patients and hear the latest research in this area.

The webinar contains two presentations:

  • Why tidal volume and minute ventilation must be measured in spontaneously breathing, non-intubated patients – Prof. Luciano Gattinoni.
  • Non-invasive tidal volume and minute ventilation assessment by electrical impedance: The concept, the validation and the results – Prof. Davide Chiumello.

Non-invasive respiratory volume monitoring


ExSpiron is the only non-invasive respiratory volume monitor that continuously displays minute ventilation, tidal volume, and respiratory rate.

With ExSpiron, it is possible to detect early respiratory changes, facilitating you to make timely and confident decisions to prevent complications.

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