Proactive decision support for your most delicate patients.

The choices you make in the OR affect your patient’s outcome and well-being. The TetraGraph system supports your clinical decisions, as it provides confidence in the monitor’s accuracy – allowing you to focus on what matters most: patient safety.

  • Quick and easy application to either hand or foot
  • Single-patient use to avoid cross contamination
  • Designed to be used with the TetraCord cable and TetraGraph monitor
  • No hand or thumb access needed during surgery

Ease of use | Peace of mind

  • Easy and intuitive sensor application helps improve workflows
  • Flexible design to account for the individual anatomical differences between infants and children
  • EMG gold standard technology to provide the most accurate measurements
  • Designed to be gentle on delicate skin
  • Comfortable application on pediatric patients

Flexibility and simplicity when time is limited

When recording EMG from the hand, the stimulation electrodes are placed over the ulnar nerve at the wrist and the evoked EMG response is recorded from the hand muscles; typically, either the muscle at the base of the little finger (abductor digiti minimi muscle) or from the muscle at the base of the thumb, adductor pollicis muscle. TetraSens can also be placed on the FDI muscle (first dorsal interosseous).

When the hand is inaccessible, the posterial tibial nerve can be used with EMG responses recorded from the flexor hallucis brevis muscle on the foot.

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