Aging population and an increasing number of cancer patients signifies a steady increase in patients undergoing advanced operations. The identified user need is an improved postoperative monitoring in gastrointestinal surgery. Our survey and interviews among health care professionals identified the need of monitoring the anastomosis after bowel and oesophagus surgery as the field with the most immediate need for rapid postoperative monitoring.

In the oesophagus case the patients are often quite sick and have a high mortality rate due to the seriousness of the cancer. The need for monitoring these patients is high in order to avoid further complications and enhance the well-being and decrease mortality rate. Detection of biomarker levels can prevent that undetected serious condition like leakage in the anastomosis, that may develop into peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) and sepsis progress undiscovered. Senzime’s solution can be very beneficial in comparison to current methods in the oesophagus case.