Specific and fast sampling from the surface of an organ

  • Continous microdialysis sampling
  • Collect biomarkers
  • Minor invasive
  • Minor stress to the organ
  • Introduced during surgery

OnZurf® Probe is a sterile CE-marked single use product based on micro-dialysis technology that enables continuous sampling from gastro-intestinal organs such as esophagus, stomach and liver. OnZurf® Probe is a unique micro-dialysis catheter for clinical applications, which is fixed to the surface of the organ without penetrating the tissue and causing unnecessary organ stress.

Apart from the CE-marked indication mentioned above experimental studies have demonstrated that surface microdialysis measurements from the heart, liver and intestine reflect the metabolic processes that occur inside the heart muscle, the liver parenchyma and intestinal lumen, which makes OnZurf® Probe an excellent sampler intended for monitoring purposes.

OnZurf® Probe is available in two different designs:

OnZurf® Probe Continuous has longer inlet – and outlet tubes for direct use with a microdialysis analyzer.

The outlet tube of OnZurf Probe® On Demand protrudes from its male luer connector so that dialysate can be collected from the bottom of the connected microvials.

The OnZurf® Probe inlet tubing can be connected to a Microdialysis Pump. The samples can be analyzed with IVD instruments or sent to clinical laboratory for further analysis with e.g. HPLC. The OnZurf® Probe can also be connected to the microdialysis instrument CliniSenz Analyzer (under development) for direct patient monitoring of extracellular lactate trends.

Brochure OnZurf® Probe

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