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NEWS: Uppsala, November 26, 2020. Senzime AB (publ) is happy to share some experience from one of the top sales representatives in the UK and their distributor HC21.


Established in 2003, Healthcare 21 is now one of Europe's largest privately owned MedTech companies. Having recently embarked on a programme of acquisition, their 3-year goal is to build a pan-European sales, marketing, service and distribution company with turnover in excess of €250m by 2023.

Matthew Ryder has played a major role in several of HC21’s success sales stories during the year. Listening to him speak it is obvious that his achievements come from being more than just a by-the-numbers businessman. He has a strong passion for helping others and believe his role positively affects the lives of other people.

" We are not just selling an instrument; we are changing the standard of care to make sure more patients get access to safe procedures lowering the risk of complications. My role is to create awareness and educate physicians about the fact that almost 60% of patients wake up with residual block after surgery.”, says Matthew Ryder, Critical Care Product Specialist.

HC21 are currently driving several evaluations in UK hospitals despite the limitations in access due to the pandemic.

Senzime’s TetraGraph neuromuscular monitor is a unique digital system designed to address the needs of perioperative monitoring of physiologic data in surgical patients receiving general anesthesia and muscle relaxation using neuromuscular blocking drugs (NMBAs). The TetraGraph stimulates a peripheral nerve and measures, analyzes and displays in real-time the muscle function in surgical patients who receive NMBAs as part of their general anesthetic.

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Senzime develops and markets CE- and FDA cleared patient monitoring systems driven by unique algorithms and sensors to closely monitor patients under anesthesia. TetraGraph is a system that digitally and continuously measures the degree of neuromuscular blockade in the patient. The goal is improved clinical precision and simplified management in healthcare. By preventing complications and enabling healthcare professionals to follow guidelines and drug recommendations, TetraGraph can contribute to shorten hospital stays and lower healthcare costs. The vision is a world without anesthesia related complications, where everyone wakes up safely after surgery. Senzime operates in growing markets that in Europe and the United States are valued in excess of SEK 10 billion. The company's shares are listed on Nasdaq
First North Growth Market (ticker SEZI). FNCA Sweden AB, +46 (0)8-528 00 399, is Certified Adviser for Senzime.

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