Senzimes TetraGraph features on the cover page of the high-impact Anesthesiology journal

NEWS: Uppsala September 17, 2021. In the October 2021 edition of Anesthesiology, the Official Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiology, a comparative study of the Senzime TetraGraph EMG monitor and the previous gold-standard TOF-Watch AMG monitor is published confirming higher precision and greater repeatability of the TetraGraph.

Electromyography (EMG) has been proposed as the optimal neuromuscular monitoring technology since it addresses several acceleromyography (AMG) limitations. In the published clinical study Ipsilateral and Simultaneous Comparison of Responses from Acceleromyography- and Electromyography-based Neuromuscular Monitorsby Nemes et al, the researchers compared simultaneous neuromuscular responses using the AMG-based TOF-Watch SX and EMG-based TetraGraph from Senzime.

The conclusion was that the EMG-based TetraGraph monitor had higher precision and greater repeatability than AMG-based monitoring, thus being a better indicator of adequate recovery from neuromuscular block and readiness for safe tracheal extubation than the AMG monitor.

"I am so proud that the TetraGraph is pictured and featured in one of our industry’s highest-impact journal. This just in advance of the upcoming annual American Anesthesia Society meeting highlighting the key importance of quantitative neuromuscular monitoring. Postoperative residual weakness is a patient safety treat which can be significantly reduced as we now have a reliable and easy to use technology available", says Pia Renaudin, CEO Senzime.

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EMG involves stimulation of a peripheral nerve and measurement of the response generated by the contraction of the innervated muscle. The difference compared to other techniques is that EMG measures an electrical event that occurs in the neuromuscular connection. As the measurement is not dependent on a physical movement (required by other technologies in the field such as AMG and KMG), EMG is a better indicator of pure neuromuscular function. Anesthesia experts worldwide believe that EMG is the new gold standard in NMT monitoring.

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