Senzime’s investor event: Focus on growth, new clinical guidelines and updated financial outlook

Uppsala, November 15, 2022. Senzime AB (publ) will give an update at today’s investor event on the strategy following the acquisition of Respiratory Motion (RMI), present the growth opportunities in the market given the new US and European clinical guidelines supporting Senzime’s solutions, and provide an updated financial outlook.

Highlights that Senzime will present at today’s digital investor event starting at 13:00 CET include:

  • Senzime is on a mission to build a global leader within patient monitoring to eliminate anesthesia- and respiratory-related complications. There is a technology shift in the market supporting new innovative products.
  • New clinical guidelines were recently approved in the US recommending Senzime’s type of technology for patient monitoring. Senzime is well-positioned to gain market share and continue to drive the technology shift in neuromuscular monitoring to reduce complications, improve patient health and save healthcare cost.
  • The recent acquisition of RMI and its monitoring solution ExSpiron has strengthened the product portfolio and expanded the market opportunity significantly. Focus is to continue to roll-out the products in key markets.
  • The strategic collaboration with US company Masimo creates further market opportunities, expands reach, and gives more patients access to Senzime’s monitoring solutions. The first joint solutions are expected to reach the market in the beginning of 2024.

    Financial outlook:

  • Net sales estimated to reach 275-325 MSEK by 2025, and long-term EBITDA margin estimated to exceed 40 percent. Senzime shall reach a market share of at least 10 percent in its active market segments.

"Senzime is in an exciting position with an innovative product portfolio supported by new clinical guidelines. We are well-positioned to continue our journey to build a leading position within our segments, drive growth and long-term profitability”, says Pia Renaudin, CEO Senzime.

At today’s investor event, Pia Renaudin, CEO, will together with Kay Krüger (Business manager of ExSpiron products) and Sorin J. Brull (Professor, board member of Senzime AB and the innovator of TetraGraph) present company strategy, growth opportunities, new clinical guidelines, and long-term financial targets.

The presentations will be held in English, followed by a Q&A session. Attendees will be able to submit questions via the webcast.

Date and time
Tuesday November 15, 2022, at 13:00-15:00 CET.

The webcast can be followed live via the link: Investor event webcast

After the event, there will be a recording available at

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