Senzime wins US deal for 50 TetraGraph systems

Press release: Uppsala February 17, 2022. Senzime announces today that the company has won an order from a large American university hospital regarding the placement of 50 TetraGraph systems and with associated disposable sensors to an estimated value of SEK 1.5 million annually.

This order is a broad deployment of TetraGraph systems across all the hospital's operating rooms, which includes 50 systems with associated disposable sensors. Senzime estimates that the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a delivered TetraGraph, including the use of TetraSens sensors, amounts to 250 TSEK over 5 years with a gross margin exceeding 65 percent.

According to the company's own calculations, this corresponds to an initial annual sale of SEK 1.5 million with the potential to reach an annual sale of SEK 3 million when all systems are implemented.

Senzime's American subsidiary, Senzime Inc, has gradually expanded and today consists of thirteen people, ten of whom work directly with sales and the others combine sales with clinical support and management.

“It is fantastic that the hospital chooses to equip all operating rooms with TetraGraph. By introducing monitoring as a standard for all patients receiving muscle relaxants, patient safety is increased, and the risk of complications is dramatically reduced”, says Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime

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