Senzime reports from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)


Uppsala, 26 October 2017. Senzime reports from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting in Boston, USA.

For more than 67 years, the ASA Annual Meeting has been the most comprehensive anesthesia-related educational event in the world, bringing together top influential and notable professionals in anesthesiology, pain medicine and critical care medicine.

Numerous presenters discussed patient safety initiatives and necessary steps to reduce adverse events in the perioperative period. Professor Sorin J. Brull, MD from the Mayo Clinic and BOD member at Senzime, chaired a Session entitled, “Assessing and Analyzing the Perceptions of Perioperative Professionals on Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring and Residual Neuromuscular Blockade.”

The session was supported by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) and the ASA, and aimed to identify the current practices of monitoring of patients for residual neuromuscular block, understand the perceptions of current practices, and determine the likely cause for inconsistent practice patterns among anesthesia professionals.  The ASA and APSF organizations will then develop a plan to address knowledge gaps that cause inconsistent practice patterns and misperceptions among anesthesia clinicians with regard to the monitoring of patients with residual neuromuscular block. The activities may then be reviewed by ASA in its deliberations on the creation of a guideline.  It is expected that the activity will inform the development of the ensuing phases of the patient safety initiative with a final result of procedural changes related to neuromuscular monitoring and management of neuromuscular blockade. 

 “The trend in anesthesia discussions today is all about having the patient in focus. Patients have the right to be safe and protected from harm while receiving medical care, and safe anesthesia is a key component,” says Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime.

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