Senzime receives first contract for TetraSens Pediatric in the US

Uppsala, December 7, 2022. Senzime AB (publ) today announced that the company has received its first dedicated TetraSens® Pediatric contract from a leading university hospital, ranked among the best hospitals nationally in the US. The TetraSens Pediatric sensors are sold with the TetraGraph® system. The contract initially extends over three years with possible extension.

Senzime's system for monitoring of neuromuscular blockade during and after surgery – TetraGraph – is FDA cleared since 2019 and the TetraGraph system for use in children with TetraSens Pediatric sensor received FDA 510k-clearance in August 2022.

“The contract confirms the need for appropriate monitoring based on EMG technology for all patient groups, including the smallest and most vulnerable patients. Our pediatric sensor TetraSens Pediatric is an important step forward in reducing complications for children from the use of muscle paralyzing drugs as part of anesthesia during surgery, allowing for improved monitoring and patient safety”, said Pia Renaudin, CEO of Senzime.

About TetraSens® Pediatric
TetraSens Pediatric is a disposable sensor that delivers electrical stimulation to the peripheral nerve and directly measures the evoked electromyographic (EMG) response of the muscle (compound muscle action potential, CMAP). The pediatric sensor is a dedicated sensor for infants and up.

About TetraGraph®
TetraGraph is a quantitative neuromuscular monitor, based on the gold standard electromyography (EMG) technology which provides accurate and versatile monitoring of neuromuscular blockade. The product is designed to meet the needs of monitoring physiological data during surgery of patients receiving general anesthesia and muscle relaxation using muscle paralyzing drugs. TetraGraph stimulates the patient's peripheral nerve using the TetraSens disposable sensors and measures, analyzes, and displays muscle function in real time. Thanks to its small size and versatile features, TetraGraph can be used in any type of surgery, anywhere in the hospital environment, and can be connected to external monitors and electronic hospital records.

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