Senzime in collaboration with Örebro University

Uppsala, August 25, 2016. Örebro University has been awarded SEK 11 million and will together with Senzime, Sandvik, Techtum and Nanoxis explore why the immune system reacts differently in different people after an operation, during an infection or because of polluted air.

The so-called inflammasome is a relatively newly discovered protein complex, which has a key role in the immune system, is a cellular engine that helps the body's immune system to detect various substances that can be a threat and protect the body against infections. One in three people have inflammasomes that are easily triggered. This risk factor, which drives an inflammatory process, can affect some people when other are not; their immune system overreacts and become harmful. The collaboration with Örebro University seeks to explain how inflammasomes work in different medical situations, with different stimuli and in different individuals.

Researchers at Örebro University have received SEK 11 million from the KK Foundation, and together with four companies, including Senzime; the aim is to explain why the immune system reacts differently in different individuals. For Senzime this is an important partnership in which the company will access researchers and Örebro University network and be a part of leading research in inflammation in order to understand why some individuals are more likely to become ill after an operation and also to present new clinical data.

"Senzime will deliver products to the healthcare market that contribute to improved patient safety and reduced health care costs. The collaboration with Örebro University aims to do achieve this and we will, with resources, instruments, consumables and microdialysis probes, help to increase knowledge of inflammasomes, thereby early identifying patients with higher risk of becoming ill after an operation, during an infection or because of polluted air, "says Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime AB.

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