Senzime expands the company’s advisory board and appoints new CTO

Uppsala, 20 November 2015. Senzime today announced that the company's advisory board includes two new members with complementary experiences of entrepreneurship, diagnostics and surgery.  Furthermore, Anders Jacobson is appointed new CTO (Chief Technical Officer); his background is instrument development for which he was responsible at Biotage AB.

Faced with the continued development and strategy issues relating to product and business development as well as commercialization Senzime has expanded its advisory board to include, in addition to Lars Wiklund, Ann-Kristin Berggren, surgical nurse and Tomas Lorant, transplant surgeon.

Ann-Kristin Berggren is a registered operating room nurse with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and entrepreneurship. She also has a diploma in Business Administration and now works as an advisor to life-sciences companies. Tomas Lorant is an associate professor in experimental transplant surgery and transplant physician at Uppsala University Hospital. His research concerns transplantation immunology, rejection mechanisms and organ preservation. The research involves both clinical and experimental studies.

These new members and their complementary experience in entrepreneurship, diagnostics and surgery will be highly valuable in a number of important areas for the continued development of Senzime.

Furthermore, Anders Jacobson is assigned as new CTO. He succeeds Thomas Carlsson, who will retire this spring. Anders background is Biotage Sweden AB, a biotechnology company that provides separation technologies and solutions for analytical chemistry, where he was responsible for instrument development. Previously, Anders VP Technology Development and Supply of Prostalund Sweden AB, a medical technology company that offers products in urology.

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Senzime develops and markets analytical instruments and related disposable products, enabling automated, continuous monitoring of vital substances including glucose (sugar), in biological fluids. Senzime has two platforms for continuously monitoring glucose and lactate – BioSenz in biotech environment and CliniSenz for continuous patient-monitoring. Via microdialysis in tissue or blood Senzime offers a complete system enabling continuous monitoring which is critical to detect post- surgery complications. The company's share is listed on Aktietorget since 2008.

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