Senzime confirms final negotiations of a licensing agreement with a global market leader

Press release: Uppsala, May 19, 2022. Senzime today announces that the company is in final negotiations regarding a strategic licensing and development agreement with a market leading global player in patient monitoring.

The agreement is expected to be signed during the current quarter, enabling Senzime’s technology platform for monitoring depth of neuromuscular blockade to integrate with the counterparty’s system.

One of Senzime’s business focuses is to develop strategic partnerships to integrate and accelerate the penetration of the company’s technology through product collaborations.

Pia Renaudin, CEO at Senzime, says: "Senzime's TetraGraph system is well established globally. An increasing number of guidelines, both nationally and at hospital level, are driving the use of objective neuromuscular monitoring. This means that the addressable market is growing faster. The industrial interest in our solutions and the possibility of connecting TetraGraph to central monitoring systems increases. We are now in the final negotiation of what is our most important licensing agreement and partnership to date, which enables the integration of TetraGraph in thousands of already installed patient monitoring systems.”

Senzime has delivered more than 1,200 TetraGraph systems. 2022 began with the reporting of ongoing or contracted trials at 74 hospitals which by the end of the first quarter had resulted in 27 won and 0 lost deals as well as 29 new trials.

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