Sustainability Report

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility at Senzime

Developing and manufacturing medical device products is a great responsibility. Patients rely in our equipment for their treatment, and we earn their trust by ensuring that our manufacture and professionals live up to their expectations of quality and procedures.

Our operations help improve global health, as well as respect for the environment and people. Senzime´s guiding principles is actively contributing to sustainable development by managing our business responsibly, consistent with our core values. The strategic direction of Senzime´s sustainability work is decided by the Board of Directors and based on Management´s strategic business planning processes. We have policies governing ethics, sustainability, and a code of conduct, as well as other documentation and procedures where we monitor our sustainability work.

To streamline out work on continuous improvement and state-of-the-art manufacture, the company has a certified quality control system. In partnership with our suppliers, we endeavor to offer good terms, and respect human rights.


Code of conduct

Senzime´s code of conduct seta guidelines that are consistent with legislation, such as respect for human rights and labor law, fair hiring procedures and anti-corruption. Suppliers and business partners are important and integrated parts of Senzime´s overall value chain for products and services. We expect them to manage their businesses consistent with the same high legal and ethical standards and business methods as we do. Senzime supports fundamental labor laws, freedom of association and effective recognition of the right of collective bargaining. We do not accept any form of forced labor and child labor.

Senzime does not accept discrimination because of race, ethnic or national origin, skin color, gender, family status, sexual orientation, disability, age, political convictions or other characteristic protected by law. Senzime promotes equal opportunities, and all candidates for employment are considered on the basis of their skills and qualifications. Senzime regards any form of discrimination or harassment as unacceptable.

All employees have been trained and received information on our codes of conduct and verified that they are read them.

Ethical rules

Senzime employee should treat everyone fairly, demonstrate mutual respect, actively promote and positive working environment, and neither compromise, nor use unethical methods. All suppliers and distributors are informed about our code of conduct and are liable for compliance with it.

Our core values


We work inspired”

Passion is how we describe our motivation. We have a drive, ambition and passion to exceed the expectations of our customers, patients and shareholders. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality anesthesia solutions that enhance clinical precision, which improve patient safety.


“We do what is right”

For us, integrity means being honest and transparent. We treat each other with respect. Trustful relationships with customers and colleagues are important to us. We comply with regulations, corporate policies and procedures. We share our skills and knowledge professionally and protect confidential information. We believe in an ethical and sustainable strategy for business.


“We deliver on promises”

Ownership is about taking responsibility and delivering on time. We deliver according to plan, on time, and with the right quality. We work on continuous improvement. We lead and drive new market needs. We inform and engage our teams.


“We focus on what matters”

We prioritize what means most! While balancing short and long-term goals, we never lose sight of out overall business objective. We know what´s expected of us and deliver and exceed our financial targets. We want to attract specialist skills, because we know that the right people working together achieve the best results. Senzime should be exciting and easy to do business with. We´re leaders, not followers.



Our people are our most valuable resource, and the company endeavors to be an attractive workplace so it can attract specialist skills. We offer great development in a multinational organization.

Diversity is very important to us. We have an even gender division in Management, consisting of four (4) women and four (4) men. Overall, the company employs 10 (50%) women and 10 (50%) men (December 31, 2020). The company´s Board of Directors has four (4) men and one (1) woman (April 2020). Senzime increased its employee headcount by 73% in 2020, without staff turnover.

Senzime conducts an employee satisfaction survey each year to evaluate the company´s working environment, performance, and identify areas of improvement. In the year, we then followed up continuously based on its outcomes.

Supporting the development of every employee, and promoting a transparent culture, is an important part of leadership. We conduct yearly appraisal interviews to give out staff and managers an opportunity for constructive dialogue and following up on individual goals. Senzime has a matrix organization of lines/projects, and accordingly, we also conduct employee calibration with line managers and project managers so all components of individual contributions are recognized. The aim of this is to also capture cross-functional aspects that are important component of interaction.

Senzime works on continuous improvement of its working environment consistent with Swedish law, and monitors progress in this segment.

GDPR/data protection

Senzime´s data protection policy formulates how we work actively to protect the company´s mission-critical assets such as the knowledge and information that is generated in various forms (physical, digital, and oral) as well as information systems, IT systems and the rest of our IT infrastructure. The company is building its success on highly qualified professionals with unique know-how and scientific expertise in research and development.

It is important that the operational risks related to people, processes and systems that may have a negative impact on Senzime are continuously identified and assessed on our daily business. It is also important that we reduce these risks to the level designated by Management.

Whistle blower system

The company encourage all employees, customers and other business partners to report non-compliance, impropriety or serious incidents related to the company without fear of retaliation. No cases were reported in 2020.

Manufacture of Senzime´s products

To minimize environmental impact as far as possible, Senzime selects local suppliers where available, or alternatively seeks out suppliers in countries neighboring manufacturing facilities. This is one of the core strategies when transferring parts of manufacture to our new plant in Uppsala, Sweden.

Logistics and packaging optimization are ongoing projects designed to reduce out environmental impact. Senzime carefully evaluated each of its critical suppliers´ performance each year, mainly focusing on financial status, delivery insurance, quality and sustainability.

Senzime avoids animal research, where this is not stipulated by law or regulation.

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