Senzime is a Swedish medical technology company with its global headquarters in Uppsala and subsidiaries in the US and Germany. Uppsala is also where part of the manufacturing takes place starting during the third quarter 2021. The subsidiaries are established to offer Senzime’s technology and products in these markets with their own sales organizations. Senzime has an innovation-driven culture and has succeeded in attracting highly skilled employees with expertise in their respective fields.

Senzime’s technology has its origins in research at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Florida, USA, and it now sells its products worldwide. Senzime’s success and establishment in hospitals around the world is based on close relationships with hospital staff, and product and service development is carried out in close dialogue with experts. Over the years, Senzime has developed a broad network of leading experts and ambassadors for the technology, thanks to the fact that the products are tried out in hospitals before being purchased.

Our mission is to develop high-tech and digital solutions that save lives, optimize patient health, reduce complications and lower the cost of care associated with surgical procedures. We exist to ensure safe objective monitoring during anaesthesia and that people wake up safely after anaesthesia. Our vision is therefore a worldwithout anaesthesia-related complications.