Drivers affecting Senzime’s market growth

1.More surgeries

There is an established market for monitoring patients under anesthesia. However, the analogue equipment used is not sufficiently accurate. Senzime is one of few providers of this type of new, digital and safe technology.

2. Increasing number of guidelines

More and more countries are updating their recommendations and guidelines on objective monitoring during surgery, which is a major driver of our sales.

3. Digital innovations are making healthcare more efficient

At the same time, there is a growing interest and knowledge in how digital medical innovations can streamline and improve care for the individual patient.

4. Transition to digital technology in anesthesia care

There is an accelerating shift in healthcare to newer digital technologies that can be used during all types of operations. This will make care more precise and personalised, provide health professionals with a better basis for decision-making and ensure safer care for patients.

5. Market growth for EMG (electromyography)

Key factors driving market growth are studies showing that 6 out of 10 patients have residual muscle block when the breathing tube is removed. Recommendations and guidelines are now being issued in an increasing number of countries on objective monitoring during surgery.